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“But I thought I’d warn you, if you sit down, guys will start flocking around you.” No, I’m not timid; my feeling on entering the Oregon Theater on Southeast Division Street isn’t embarrassment but incredulity.We went because, though the Oregon has been in business as an adult theater since the ’70s (it was built as a vaudeville house in 1925), no one we knew had ever ventured inside.He points out the theater’s fixtures clinically, detailing his plans to “fix the whole thing up”—exterior paint, restrooms, glory holes.But I stop listening as it dawns on me what’s happening: how low the film’s volume is, how the uhhhnnns coming from the screen are virtually inaudible compared to the Uh! UUHHHs coming from the people in the room, reclining on a hodgepodge of floral-patterned couches that serve as the only seating in the place.In an interview with Now magazine, the former party-boy who has battled drink, drugs and crime to turn his life around, added: 'A lot of people say I seem masculine, but I don't feel it.'I feel intrinsically feminine.WOW‚ PORTLAND, so many of you took this year's Mercury Sex Survey! [Note: Some of you answered all the questions, but some of you couldn't be bothered—so that's why some of the results may not equal 100%, math-nerds.] Now for the monumental task of decoding these fat stacks of survey results. One percent of you are 66 to 75 years old, probably because my parents are VERY supportive. (That makes me feel much better about my cold, empty bed. mostly just to be polite, also so you don't feel like our relationship is just about sex (sometimes you have to nod and smile supportively while the person you're banging goes on and on about their jerky boss).The bowl of free condoms in the entryway should’ve tipped me off, but some prudish part of me believed those were for later, when couples go home. The auditorium is concrete and cavernous, the insulation visibly crumbling from the high ceiling.

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you remind me of my wife." Geez, Portland, you are killing it with being Portland-y right now. The people having the most sex are those who are living together, but aren't married (18% say they have sex two or more times a week). People who fuck two or more times a week represent the biggest piece of the pie at 35% (single, living together = 18%, married = 9%, single = 4%). There isn't really an online pornography gold standard yet. ) Besides the options provided: You Porn, XTube, and Red Tube, your write-in jerk-spirations were: 4tube, Bing video search, erotic fiction, Extremetube, Fet Life, x Hamster, Motherless, Nude Vista, Porn Hub, Reddit subreddits, Red Tube, Chaturbate, Spankwire, Tumblr porn, X-Art, XVideos. (BTW, 17% of you said you watch porn on Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope—and frankly that's 17% more snarky goofballs than I thought would be taking this survey. BEFORE IT GOES DOWN Those of you using sex toys are buying them on the internet (20%), or keeping it local at She Bop (16%) or keeping it corporate at Fantasy (9%), while 6% of you got your toys from your lover and you aren't sure where they buy their stuff, because you enjoy mysteries? Okay, I'm going to drop some knowledge on you right now. You go to Planned Parenthood, you plunk down the 150 or so bucks (sometimes they run a 0 flat-rate screening), or you get a cheap screening from the Oregon Department of Health. You are fucking more butts than any other borough (at 16%), which means we'll have to start calling you "Sauvie Brown Eye-land." Instead of St.

It's amazing how a childless, nuptial-free apartment can really set the mood. There was also a good showing for people who hit it once a week (14%), while 18% of folks get wet three times a month. I sincerely, if maybe over-optimistically, hope you weren't crying during some of those self-love sessions—AKA a "sob job." Just a tip for you compulsive self-flagellators: Change it up from time to time. 31% of you like to do it the old-fashioned way with DVDs. You wise-ass knuckleheads, I bet you took the survey pants-less, too.) Okay, REAL TALK: 47% of you said you'd like to act out your favorite type of porn IN REAL LIFE. I've always wanted to do _______ ." (2) Put it on your sex-bucket list in the "maybe" column. 2% of you are DIY as fuck, buying things at the grocery/hardware store to put up and around your butt. OR you use your fancy insurance and look your doctor in the eye while you ask for a full STD screening. Do you ever wonder where all the ANAL SEX IS HAPPENING IN PORTLAND? Johns, "Taint's John's" (as in "John owns your taint"—hey, puns are hard sometimes). (Good job, Division-between-the-cheeks.) And Northeast, you placed third at 8%. already sounds like it's about butts.) Not a lot of butt stuff happening on the Westside. 28% of you meet people to fuck through your friends, 20% of you meet people to fuck online, and 13% of you just meet people randomly.

Police said they tracked the girl to Moore's apartment in the 8500 block of Southeast Steele Street and got her out.

Jenkins, Moore and a third person initially refused to come out of the apartment, but the Jenkins and Moore surrendered to police 10 minutes later. It's not clear from available court documents how the girl met the two men.


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