Validating ssn

Examples: Following SSNs will pass validation : 33, 234908908; 239-586767; 73467-8790 The method will return false for following SSNs.Verity SSN provides some of the highest levels of identity validation available in the industry – perfect when you need to fulfill cash rewards, allow access to secure areas, or administer surveys that contain sensitive subject matters.A V-Score of 6 is the highest obtainable score to accurately validate identity.Verity SSN may not be appropriate for certain types of businesses and customers.Things will be on the list until I see otherwise on the SSA website or some other means of proof.The SSN can be of any format (1, 111111111, etc...). This method will return true if it is valid, and false if it isn't.In the method body we define a variable (‘ssn Pattern’) and assign a regular expression to it.

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So I decided to write few more posts about Java Script regular expressions and how to use them to validate Social Security number, zip code, phone number and numeric data.

This change is referred to as "randomization." The SSA developed this new method to help protect the integrity of the SSN.

SSN Randomization will also extend the longevity of the nine-digit SSN nationwide.

We can work with you to determine which Verity services are the right fit for your specific business needs.

How many times when setting up a site and you want to load a bunch of users into your site?


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