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Some of those laws or guidances could likely be Obama-era recommendations for schools — like anti-bullying initiatives or allowing transgender students to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable in.

Later, after his remarks made headlines, Enzi responded by saying that his comments were about promoting respect, which is just totally backwards.

Jody breaks into tears and goes to the restroom to clean up.

She takes some lipstick out of her purse, while at the bar, Crowley sets up a hex.

Use our real time video chat to check each other out and play before you meet.

Dean tells him that it's over and offers to turn over the demon tablet if he gives them the angel tablet. In Lost Creek, Colorado, Tommy Collins looks nervously outside of the cabin where he's staying with his girlfriend Shelly.

She's surprised that Tommy came up with her, but notices that he's distracted.

Darcy La Pier has a headline-grabbing past that includes marriages to Hawaiian Tropic head honcho Ron Rice, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and Herbalife founder Mark Hughes, the latter of which died tragically shortly after marrying Darcy from a toxic combination of alcohol and Doxepin in 1999.

After Hughes death, Darcy (seen horseback above) moved back to her home state of Oregon where she bought a ranch and eventually became captivated by horses and the barrel-racing ladies she’d see at the rodeo.


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