Robin dating barney

After showing the tape to Lily and Marshall, Ted starts to agree with the past Barney.Barney and Robin now have a declining attitude towards each other and their relationship, with Barney becoming morbidly obese and lethargic, and while Robin becomes haggard and snaps at him unreasonably (although Future Ted admits he is exaggerating and that they only let themselves go a little).Merri – Wait for It – Ment Leave it to Barney to propose to his ex via an incredibly elaborate plan.Perhaps knowing that a ring in her Scotch just won’t do, Barney enlists Robin’s work nemesis Patrice in his scheme by pretending to date her and spilling to Ted that he’s planning to ask her to marry him.By breaking into Barney's briefcase, Robin and Lily learn that Barney hasn't been cheating on her with another woman but that he has been going to night school. ", which is a reference to Stand And Deliver, a movie about a teacher in an inner city class.Later, they reference Dead Poet's Society, another movie centered around a teacher and his students.

At Mac Laren's, Marshall watches Barney eat an entire plate of ribs and asks him directly if he is happy.Some of it has to do with money, but a lot of it also has to do with the schedule.We want to make sure that our actors continue to be able to do all the fun,extracurricular stuff that they do. We’d be open to other possibilities, but our dream would be to do another 24-episode season. It’s a moment of realizing he’s going to be lacking in certain regards, and that’s just part of who Barney is.They all have really big careers outside of our show, and we respect that and want to make sure that we’re able to make a good product and that they’re still able to do all the things they want to do. It’s just figuring out if and how we can do another year. RELATED | TVLine’s Holiday Gift Guide: Treat Friends to On that note, is a shortened ninth and final season a strong possibility versus a full season order? I feel like if we’re going to spend a year of our life on it, I’d rather do the full 24 [episodes] to really do it right. TVLINE Switching gears to last night’s episode, since Barney and Robin haven’t been together in a while, what was the thinking behind not having them date for a little bit and then get engaged? Dating is how you get to know someone and decide if they’re right for you. But what you get with the package more than makes up for it.They’ve certainly gotten to know each other over the past eight years. She would love for Barney to be a guy who can just ask her out on a date and they have dinner a few times, but that’s just not his style.Robin accepted Barney’s extremely elaborate proposal. But have Barman and Robin put all of their issues behind them? But the drop-dead date for us is the TCAs in January, when we make that announcement.


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