Hoda kotb dating jay

Hoda Kotb's secret boyfriend is Manhattan financier Joel Schiffman ...

Parties and press interviews are only a fraction of the new parents' hectic schedule - managing their second year of marriage, caring for their daughter Bryn and purchasing a new apartment are just some of the challenges ahead.

Kris Jenner didn't exactly dismiss last week's rumors that her future ex-husband was dating a good friend of hers, but she didn't appear "devastated" or "in shock" about anything, as some had alleged.

Kris Jenner cleared matters on "Today," saying she doesn't care who Bruce dates. Think that'll stop the world from monitoring the status of Bruce's long hair and nails and his disappearing Adam's apple? The tabloids and celebrity-gossip outlets "just keep regurgitating the same old stuff," she said.

The sale of Skinny Girl cocktails introduces some added luxuries into Bethenny Frankel's life: an incredible new apartment, trips to exotic locales, and a larger staff are all part of the perks.

But that doesn't mean Frankel's sitting idle; the quick-witted New Yorker is still living life in the fast lane, juggling her many roles as wife, mother, and mogul in Bethenny Ever After.


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