Books on healthy dating relationships

They offer tools to build a God-honoring relationship throughout the book.Eric and Leslie Ludy are back again to tell their love story to a generation in a way that is both poignant and full of life lessons.Ken Page’s “gift theory” is an elegant way of telling you that the things that have been most heavily shamed throughout your life are actually your unique “core gifts” and that these things about you are the keys to your long-lasting relationship fulfillment.Because it’s well written, simple, and has some really easy to digest meta-level relationship concepts drilled down into a short and sweet workbook-style read.Blinkist book summaries are perfect for anyone who wants to maximize those random moments when you have to kill time.Like when you want to kill time before an appointment or you’re standing on a long line at Starbucks.

Yet, Christians are supposed to live to a higher standard.Instead, Joshua Harris reminds teens about what it's like to have a God perspective when they decide to date.From going over “Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating” to guarding the heart, the author provides an outlook on dating as a biblical act rather than short infatuation.Some of them primarily help you with your relationship to yourself (#’s 1, 2, and 3), and others primarily help you with your relationship to your partner (#’s 2, 4 & 5).Either way, they’re all fantastically written and each have their own unique, brilliant thoughts that I think the world needs to absorb more of. This book is the least known of this list and I believe that that needs to change.While compiling a list of books about habits, it would be impossible to ignore the fact that some people just want to make changes to their lives and relationships.


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