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At least 14 people were killed at the airport and 81 wounded.At least 20 others died in a bomb attack on a metro train and more than 100 were wounded.Belgium's sex therapist Goedele Liekens has sparked controversy in Britain.Liekens made a TV programme called "Sex in class" which is due to be aired by Channel 4 this Thursday, but critics say her classes are far too explicit.Investigators were urgently seeking one of the three men – clad in a thick light-coloured jacket with a black hat and thick glasses – after announcing that his two apparent accomplices were believed to have died in the suicide attack.The two men who are believed to have died were captured on grainy CCTV footage wearing what looked like single black gloves on their left hands - giving rise to speculation that they may have been used to conceal detonators for the devices.With its perfectly preserved medieval buildings and ancient cobblestone streets, Antwerp might seem content to rest on historic laurels.In fact, Belgium’s second-largest city is a vibrant, cosmopolitan place where avant-garde fashion, cutting-edge architecture and progressive cuisine flourish.

Here’s how to pass a few days in one of Europe’s coolest lesser-known destinations.Another food option: Cross the street for lunch at the 10-month-old Roest, which serves a simple but well-executed menu of sandwiches, soups and salads in a brick-walled space overflowing with greenery.Beneath the tables, a glass floor reveals old nautical artifacts in the basement below.An hour after the attack, a third device detonated on a train at the central Maelbeek metro station. Brussels had been living in fear of such an event since it emerged that the city had been the planning and logistical base for the attacks on Paris last November.There was speculation that the attackers may have been prompted to strike swiftly because they feared police may be closing in on them, after the revelation on Monday by Abdeslam’s lawyer that his client was “collaborating” and “communicating” with police.With a pepper spray canister, Vandersmissen had been chasing people who had attacked police even though he was not wearing extensive protective gear.


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